Searching for Fool's Gold

First Meetings
Who are you and what are we doing?

Open in the Naked Bard Tavern in the bustling town of Penrose and a red-headed woman is searching the crowd for a group of good fighters for her employer. The tavern was busy, many people coming in to relax and forget their troubles or, in a few cases, to find trouble. A bard dressed in orange and blue approached the hired bard of the tavern and bluffed him into thinking he had higher paid work elsewhere. He took the other’s place to play for the people.

A blond elf made his way attempting to seduce those he talked to and an odd barbarian had a more direct way of getting his point across as he attempted to fondle the red-headed’s chest. The barbarian failed in his attempt. As the redhead punished the barbarian, a group of rowdy guardsmen entered. They didn’t care for Basu’s songs and confronted him, to which the sassy boy sang a rude song about one’s mother being inbred.

They attacked him in a drunken rage. Arphenion, the elf playboy, came to the bard’s aid to take a punch meant for Basu. Carden, a brooding figure at the bar, chucked a mug causing the guards to go into a frenzy. Sehvet, the barbarian, and his redhead, Viren, joined the fray quickly. They defeated the guards and upon Viren’s prompting left the town.

Viren proposed for them to take a job from her employer to which all accepted. The employer tested the party and how well they fought as a team by sending a dire wolf and his pack to intercept them. Basu summoned his eidolon, Radek, showing that he was more than just a bard and Carden pulled out bombs marking him as an alchemist. They defeated the wolves despite Arphenion shooting Radek and almost killing him.

They entered the wizard’s tower soon after a bit dazed and Radek beaten pretty badly. Viren warned them to not touch anything as they made their way to the wizard himself. Not without the bard taking hold of something to examine it. (Which hurt us with sound damage)

The wizard was accommodating enough, asking the party to find an item for him after healing the party of their wounds. Everyone accepted and are resting to gather the strength needed to deal with this mission and each other…


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